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Avicii – Fade into Darkness (Vocal Mix) (Alex Prigenzi Edit)

Four days later and I’m still relishing in the afterglow that was the Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) in Las Vegas this past weekend. After the cluster-fuck which took place at last year’s EDC in LA, 240k peeps managed to show up in the desert to get their groove on and shed off good vibes to some of the best DJ’s in the world. With minor hiccups this go around, I’ve gotta say this was a truly remarkable concert going experience. The annual music festival is a prime example that Americans have now shown, we can get down to Electronic music just like the European’s, but in our own unique fun way. By adding Vegas as an emerging hotspot for the EDM scene, we now have a city which can at least be mentioned in the same sentence as Ibiza. We’re not quite there yet, but give it around three more years and you could truly see Americans finally embracing electronic music and step outside the verse-chorus-verse mentality. There always has been a subculture involved into EDM but now the scene is about to become mainstream as more and more people begin to finally open their ears and hearts to the genre.

One of the tracks I heard there which refuses to exit my brain is a new vocal mix of the track Penguin by Avicii. Fade into Darkness demonstrates there’s more to the EDM genre than just the continuous untz-untz, by adding slick new vocals and elegant piano chords, you wind up with a thematic piece of work.  I was anticipating a similar set I had just heard back in April from Avicii but man, he delivered a brilliant distinctive set and funny thing is, this kid is only 21 years old. Avicii has already been owning Hype Machine for the past year and this new vocal mix is another piece of work to add to his already substantial collection of well produced tracks.

Avicii – Fade into Darkness (Vocal Mix)

If you’d like to hear his live set from EDC which was streamed on Sirius Radio, here is the download link:

Avicii – Electric Daisy Carnival 2011 – Live Set

– Joel

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