Chad Valley – Fall 4 U

Mood constantly dictates what type of music we listen to. And the weather is one vital–among many–factors that continually dictates this mood. And it’s been hotter than an Arabian harem for the last month or so in Los Angeles. While the calendar tells us fall has just begun, the West Coast is firmly in the midst of its end of summer blues. Weather in LA is nothing to complain about, as I’ve felt rain maybe four times in the last year. But it’s been schvitzin.

As a sweater, I hate the helpless feeling when my pores open and I have zero control over if and when they will stop. It makes me self-conscious and completely throws me off my game. Listening to overly heavy, upbeat songs coupled with the heat can be overpowering. When it’s this hot, sometimes you just want to sit in front of a fan with a cold glass of water for an hour and cool down. That’s kind of what listening to Chad Valley‘s lead single feels like.

I know the wheels are in motion
Love feels like such a commotion

Everyone is moving somewhere new
I never want to be somewhere I don’t trust.”

The point is that to gain fulfillment or fall in love, you need to leave your comfort zone. You need to get sweaty.  Listening to Chad aka Hugo Manuel‘s productions, it’s clear he’s an emotional guy, as he does a phenomenal job of slowing things down and going slow-mo with his beats. He also throws in enough layers that on the second and third listen, you’re still hearing new sounds that are both comforting and a tad bit unnerving. So while we can’t control the weather and many things in our lives, it is very possible to control what we listen to. And on a hot day, externally or internally, Chad Valley has the chilled elixir we all sometimes need.

Chad Valley – Fall 4 U

When the sun goes down, Lissvik heats things up:

Chad Valley – Fall 4 U (Lissvik Remix)