Romare – Your Love (You Give Me Fever)


Frantic footwork for your Friday via none other than grand-sample-master, Romare. This fever-ridden track, off his sophomore album, Love Songs: Pt. 1, is a trip and a half with a whole lot of soul. Its languid beginning is somewhat deceptive; a vocal cut from Peggy Lee’s “Fever” loops over a downtempo shuffle with a minimal footwork foundation, hardly foreshadowing the chaos to ensue.

Sexy yet subtle, its gradual crescendo hooks you. It burns you and then drops you into a raving abyss. Syncopated ecstastic droning bliss washes over you; the sirens are wailing, the bass is flailing, and holy sh*t this is the most real and raw interpretation of “Fever”, ever.

When you put your arms around me… 

Romare – Your Love (You Give Me Fever)