Madeon – Finale (Original Mix)

This track has been staring at me for a while now, I don’t know why I didn’t automatically jump on this one right away but the good news is that I am jumping on it now.  Madeon or Hugo Pierre Leclercq, turns up the electro pop dial to the redzone, and the name of this track couldn’t be more spot on.  Finale, with its dramatic bass and electric waves of emotion, you almost feel like this track is some ending to an amazing story or movie surrounding the hero with this life like aura bubble.

The feelings this song gives me is this air of putting ourselves in the position of ultimate sacrifice.  Probably not in the sense that you are thinking, but what I am talking about is taking that leap into what scares you the most, the things you love, your passion, the people you love, not taking a step back, but taking 10 steps forward and not being so damn scared all the time of failure.  I think we make so many excuses about our lives, or our passions, why we might be failing.  Well then you know what, find a new fucking dream.  Excuses don’t exist, its hiding behind this imaginary wall that cannot save you, believe me,  I am not just talking out of my ass right now.  We need to realize all the superficial things we make up in our heads and create an anthem for ourselves, or an aura if you will that makes us fearless.

Madeon does a great job of creating that emotion I talk a lot about in music, the big mixture of sounds that takes you out of your element and throws you into something completely new and daring.  If you cannot come up with your own unique anthem today, then I think this is a good one to make you feel powerful and in control!

It’s a new month, September 1st, and Summer is about over, so make it all count, enjoy!

Madeon – Finale (Original Mix)