Kero Kero Bonito – Flamingo

Black, white, green or blue. Show off your natural hue. 

Here’s something interesting for you. A song that embraces our differences- the “flamingo” in all of us! Sarah, Gus, and Jamie, the trio that make up Kero Kero Bonito put diversity into a very positive light in “Flamingo”. They also mix English and Japanese lyrics throughout the song. I was pleasantly suprised by this, and liked how it further exemplifies the message the band is spreading.

If you’re multicolored that’s cool too

In addition to the positive message, the elements and tempo tie together to produce a kick-ass song. From the pan-flute before the first verse, to the disco-like interlude after the second, this song screams “random”! (In a good way). Randomness of life is what makes it exciting. I didn’t remember much from statistics class, but I vividly remember my professor stating that “Life is random”. So simple, yet absolutely true. Life is composed of randomness; randomness is nature.

As the result of mult-cultural parents, I have been forced to embrace differences in life, and at the same time, accept that not everyone is so open to such diversity. I was quite a shy child, but as I grew up and went to college, I was able to be around people who reveled in my differences- a weird trans-atlantic accent, crazy curly hair, and a zany sense of humor. I could BE myself, and found people who let me! The diversity that college brought me enabled me to find myself without restriction. Now, several years later, I care much less about what outsiders “think” of me.

I hope you can find positive people to be around so that you’re able to find yourself without restraint. BE weird and DON’T apologize for it!!
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