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Soul II Soul – Back To Life (Follow Me Remix)

Being a child of the 80’s who really lived the 90’s I can attest to how popular and hard hittin’ Back To Life (or how it was popularly known: However Do You Want Me). It seems the New York duo of Follow Me want to solidify themselves as the kings of soulful R&B classics remixes. […]

The Isley Brothers – Prize Possession (Follow Me Remix)

Sanctuary Is what you are to me Yeah No dictionary Can find the words to say How much I love you.” I start this post like the Isley Brothers start their classic. The lyrics to this song couldn’t paint a clearer picture of the kind of particular situation one has to find oneself in before […]

TLC – Unpretty (Follow Me Remix)

In 1999 TLC released their chart topping hit Unpretty to much acclaim, not only for it’s R&B almost mainstream pop status but for it’s message. Those who lived that decade know well plastic surgery and alike are much more socially accepted today than they were back then. Anyway, once a while comes someone out of […]