ford. – (The) Evening

ford. has an “it” factor about him that makes me gravitate toward his music for reasons both conscious and unconscious. His previous singles like “Dusk” took my breath away on their own right but hearing him do his thing in the form of an album gives a whole new context to the beautiful work he’s created. You can feel the sonic theme running through each and every song – for a young artist, it really feels like he already knows who he is as a creative and has crafted an identity that makes him stand out amongst the ambient-leaning electronic crowd. There’s some post-rock, there’s some hints of hip-hop, there’s so many sounds that ford. has made his own and fused them into a beautiful product. This is one of those albums where you can put it on front to back and improve your mood tenfold while working or concentrate on nothing but the music and get totally lost in the sonic waves.

The evening is my favorite time of the day. The moment where the sun has totally set, the streetlights stutter until they flicker on, the neon signs slowly light up on each building on the block, it’s a stunning moment that never gets old to me. It’s a feeling that I wish I could capture like lightning in a bottle and feel it whenever I please, but I suppose that’s what work like (The) Evening is here for. Even when it’s bright outside and the city is bustling away, I can use this album to tap into the gorgeous world that awaits. Hell, I’m working at home lost in a daydream about what awaits in seven short hours as we speak. I look forward to meeting the evening again soon.

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