EMPT Presents: Le Miel du Mois Aout 2013 (Mini-Mix Series)

I forget how much magic is in LMDM. When we first started these tapes the first of the month always had a way of putting things in perspective and pushing the momentum.

And everything is on profit, and anything is an option…” -FRXXMASONS

That’s how I’m feeling going into the second day of our 4 day LMDM Mini-Mix release. Money is basic, it’s literally fake and has no meaning whatsoever so when I speak about profit let’s be clear, it’s a metaphor for all you basic bitches out there. Ask yourself, what are you getting for the amount of time you put into something? Though basic, analyzing such a thing isn’t so easy because fear leads us into relationships, jobs and situations that hurt us more than they help and the truth gets blurred in the process. Instead of embracing the flow of life we fight it and what should be a rewarding learning experience or opportunity for growth becomes a loss. The truth is everything has an upside and armed with the correct mindset, creativity and resourcefulness everything truly is on profit.

That’s the vibe I get from the LMDM Aout Mini-Mix, everything is on the up. EMPT was born from that energy and that’s what’s going to keep us ahead in the Space Age. I was just reminiscing with CP’13 about Noctambule and all the great things that happened so early in this sites life. It was all organic, all manifesting out of pure energy, love and excitement. When that’s there you don’t really have to try hard. Energy is more powerful than anything, vibe and true substance can do more than a marketing plan that’s why it’s better to be true and do things

With way less effort,
‘Cause when you try hard, That’s when you die hard…” – Kanye West

We’ve tried many things in the last couple of years and I can’t say it’s all been successful but it’s time to cut the losses and get back to that energy. Few things speak the true nature of EMPT like LMDM so it’s great and I love what this Mini-Mix series is doing reignite that fire, enjoy.


  1. Is Tropical – Dancing Anymore
  2. Oh Sailor – Mr. Little Jeans (Strange Talk Remix)
  3. Chrome Sparks – Marijuana
  4. Haim – Falling (Duke Dumont Remix)
  5. Kali Uchis – What They Say
  6. Mama Kin – Rescue




Whether you look at yourself as a victim or the culprit just remember that things happen for a reason, learn your lesson, read the omens and ride. Don’t let anything affect your self worth. The past can make you feel down but keep in mind no single event defines you.

People overestimate what they can do in a single day and underestimate what they can do their whole lives…”

Our existence is divine and we’re all Gods. You don’t need to wait for anyone’s validation to feel good about yourself, to follow your intuition, realize your dream and live life as you wish. Value yourself, crown yourself and don’t let anyone else tell you different. The world is yours…

I take everything I deserve, I deserve everything in this world…”

No single part of life defines who you are because you’re constantly becoming.  At least you should be if your mind is in the right place and anyone who tells you different is being judgmental. The mistakes we make and the actualization of our fears are what help manifest the true self. As visions of light we aren’t born, we are expressed and that process of creation never stops.

There’s no such thing as shallow, it’s deep here…”

Nobody knows anything about FRXXMASONS yet so this is some new shit. The vibe is right, the zone is locked tight and pressing play is all you need to do, enjoy.