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G.O.V. – Cross The Dancefloor (Chromeo Remix)

As usual I was completely destroyed after our party so excuse the no post yesterday. The Le Souk Noctambule was a huge success, I think we had over 400 people partying, fresh. Thanks to everyone that came out, I hope you had a blast. There will be more very soon… And ’em back to the […]

Sebastien Tellier – Look

G.O.V. has a controversial taboo-shattering song called Seventeen in which he talks about a risqué relationship he had with a young lolita and the awkwardness it caused in his life. He recently performed that song at a showcase all I could do is laugh to myself when I saw the shock in peoples faces when he sung […]

Ratatat – The Remixes (G.O.V., Missy & Kanye)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say again, Skidmore is on the rise. With Micah Sloat getting his huge break in Paranormal Activity and Ratatat placing two songs on Kid CuDi’s debut I’d say we’re doing pretty good. So what better time to feature some Skidmore music on EMPT.? On top of that G.O.V. sent […]

G.O.V. – Forever (Produit par Hemingway)

First of all, this song is sick. G.O.V. is one of my favorite unsigned artist for many reasons but mainly because we share a peculiar and idiosyncratic perspective when it comes to love and girls. Forever is an extremely feel good and sarcastic song that represents the ever so complicated ups and downs of love, courtship […]

Tenacious D – Dude (I Totally Miss You) (Feat. G.O.V)

Ok so it’s hard to take anything Jack Black says serious and the original version of this song is certainly no exception to the rule. The G.O.V. version on the other hand adds an entirely new realistic dimension to an otherwise satirical song. His verse is about that post break-up boredom one experiences after sharing […]

G.O.V. – I’m In NY Bitch (Reprise de LMFAO)

I saw LMFAO at Hudson Terrace a few weeks ago and let me just say that I’ve been to a lot of concerts in my day but never have I seen an act bring out the pretty girls quite like these guys. I hadn’t seen a such concentration of P.Y.T.’s since my freshman year of […]