Joe Goddard – Gabriel (feat. Valentina)

Enter the sanctuary of Joe Goddard.

This one felt appropriate since Hot Chip just released In Our Heads. I’m still not sure how Joe does it. Five studio albums with Hot Chip and the recent release of The 2 Bears’ Be Strong have tempered him in the fires of electro-indie-dance-tronica.

I walked 2.5 miles in the rain today mulling over the lyrics, seeking the greater meaning of it all. The clouds parted, and I drank a limeade. Maybe Gabriel is just a dude named after an angel.

Meanwhile, the heavenly vocals meet the unavoidable beat, and Valentina croons some heavy duty rebuke:

Do not come to give me counsel. You should beg forgiveness of me, Gabriel.”

Angel or not, she sounds over him, and I just want to dance.

Ponder the moral of the story later.

Joe Goddard – Gabriel (feat. Valentina)