Games – Back In Time

A lof of grown men who entered puberty in the 80s have become very skilled with synthesizers, and the result is some very erotic music. While I’m by no means an aficionado on the subject, the sound clearly pays homage to the golden age of the pornography soundtrack. And Games’ “Back In Time” would fit in perfectly in a late Jack Horn film (post-Diggler era).

Initially, this was all I could find online about Games:

“Games is a synth-collab. might take alot to enjoy this. it is very fucking groovy. enjoy”

Games actually used to be the pseudonym for the synthed-out collaboration Ford & Lopatin–who then had to change the name because The Game apparently wasn’t cool with a pornwave duo using a similar name as him.  Ford & Lopatin are a very underrated power synth/production duo and this was *probably* their first release. If you’re a fan of Todd Terje and Lindstrom, I highly suggest you peep their entire album Channel Pressure.

These guys make baby-making tunes that I’m running out of words to describe. They set the mood, and they may be caked with too much cheese for some, but they’re perfect for those late night playlists. Get very fucking groovy.

Games – Back In Time