Kevin Casey’s Sample Saturday – The Temptations et Gang Starr

First off, ya Gangster is cosmetic.  Ok – Fresh out D&D Studios in 2003 was Gang Starr’s last album The Ownerz, which was their 6th.  Their first album was released in 1989, yes the 80’s, and some of the records were recorded as early as ’87.  Through the evolution of a growing genre, Gang Starr saw their way through 14 years of in your face, East Coast grit.  With this genre that we speak of basically running the media world, the late Guru was still left unmentioned during this year’s Grammys. Huh?  I disagree with that personally.  Since I live and breath music with my peers every day, I gain extra respect for those that did the same years before me, and shaped the sound that creatively I interpret and interpolate. Yup, that’s exactly what I meant.  Exhibit A – “Rite Where U Stand”.  And as in a perfect scenario, Jadakiss also takes his talents to this record.

Respect first then money, basic shit.  You got niggas under pressure, you can take they shit.”

Kiss’ verse always stands out to me when thinking of the his long list of classics.  Rewind and replay. And of course… Primo on the beat.  The intro to The Temptations “Gonna Keep On Trying Till I Win Your Love” gets the hard chop treatment, definitely can’t say anyone does it better.  The chop at 0:05 flip flops with the piano from 0:02, and the drums stretch the swing limits.  Hip Hop professor Premier pinpoints “Your ganster is cosmetic” (2:46) from QB’s Finest “The Bridge 2001”, amongst other samples and scratches in a punch to the hook.  This record dares the listener to step up to the level of the music, and really go to war.  I wanna go to war with a team… and i know Hec is tryna get it over quick, leave you rite where u stand.

I see you got the fear of God in you, I’ll tear your heart in two.”

The Temptations – Gonna Keep On Trying Till I Win Your Love

QB’s Finest – The Bridge 2001

Gang Starr ft. Jadakiss – Rite Where U Stand

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