General Elektriks – Raid The Radio

Raid the Radio needs to be the HypeM anthem, it sure is the EMPT anthem. My friend Francois traded New York City for Versailles a few weeks ago and not only has the move given him upgraded scenery but also an early take on my new favorite song. I got an email from him yesterday suggesting that I check out the new General Elektriks song called Raid the Radio which as of now has only been released in France and on iTunes-France. I was in love at first listen, the production is phenomenal and the lyrics well, they speak for themselves.

Raid the radio!
Cause we’re tired of hearing the same old song.
We’re gonna change the dial to something new.
Bring some truth to this town.
Call your station, tell them we’re coming.
Imagination, is what were demanding.
We won’t stray, you’ll hear us scream and shout.
Till they play, songs we can dream about…

This song reminds me of that movie Airheads when The Lone Rangers aka Brendan Fraser, Adam Sandler and Steve Buscemi invade the uber lame “alternative rock” station KPPX and force them to play their records. In my opinion, the current music industry model is so slow and boring to me that I don’t even see a point in raiding it, I would just say f$&k the radio, go online. It’s not so black & white but I think they’re going to need sometime to catch up. Think about it, before music moves on the radio, record labels, television or even stores, it moves on the internet and all these big companies are too big and settled in to have the flexibility needed to take advantage on that. I don’t think the freedom we have online right now will last forever but then again I think it’s going to be a while before someone figures out how to control it, a sad concept but one that I think is inevitable. In the meantime, enjoy this amazing song sent to us straight from France, peace.

General Elektriks – Raid The Radio