Javelin – Vibrationz

I can’t remember the last time I posted an instrumental but I’ve been on a recent Javelin kick and I just had to share. It all started on Saturday when I went up to Mount Vernon and stopped by Dub Sonata’s studio and Dub asked me if I was interested in having EMPT be the first to host his upcoming album. I already knew the quality to expect so my answer was yes but when I heard the tracks it was a no brainer. Anyways, listening to Dub work got me on this vintage kick and I can’t say much about the album yet but stay tuned for one of the coolest instrumentals I’ve heard in a minute.

What does any of this have to do with Javelin you may ask? Well…

She said she liked my necklace and started relaxing, now that’s what the fuck I call a chain reaction…” – Jay-Z (Money Ain’t A Thing)

Very much like Dub Sonata, Tom van Buskirk and George Langford are master samplers with the gift of vintage alchemy. I happen to collect records too and for some of the stuff these guys are turning into gold is about as rare and random as it comes. No Mas, their most recent album sets the chill mood to perfection and in the face of a zillion dance records on the radio it couldn’t be more refreshing. I’m really digging the underground movement back to organic sounds or at least a more balanced approach of synth and real instruments and there’s really no easier way of doing that than sampling. Alright, it’s already Wednesday and I couldn’t think of some better tunes to keep things light and in motion, enjoy.

Javelin – Vibrationz

Javelin – Susie Cues