Ghasper – Mima EP

The ability to situate experimental musical approaches in a digestible framework is a fine art (see: PC Music, Sidechains, etc.). Las Vegas based producer Ghasper masterfully walks that line on Mima, an EP (available here) infused with glitchy vocal chops, erratic percussion, stabby synths, and worldly touches that all settle into an overarching plane of electronic bliss. The tracks operate across a wide sentimental spectrum ranging from organic euphoria (“Pipa”) to synthetic drama (“Brazil”) with each and every approach providing an extension of human expression mirrored by the record’s fascinating artwork.

It’s an extensive release that even challenges the definition of what constitutes an EP as eight essential cuts and six bonus tracks populate its runtime. For a postmodern product, I don’t think the classification even matters, though – it simply prescribes a lens to view the album through rather than traditionally dictating an album’s length. While it’s valuable to challenge artist’s intentions at times (such as Migos’ bloated playlist masquerading as an album), it feels appropriate to go with the flow that Ghasper has set forth and simply appreciate the journey that is Mima.

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