EMPT Presents: Le Miel du Mois Mars 2013

Chances, people tell you not to take chances
When they tell you there aren’t any answers
And I was starting to agree
But I awoke suddenly in the path of a lightning bolt”

They want us to define ourselves, to pick a side, choose a lane, walk around proud of those beliefs, confident and unwavering – safe & comfortable. But whose beliefs are those anyway? Most of us are products of our upbringing, our beliefs are those of our environment – our parents, television, marketing, music and so on. Why? Well, it’s easy to sell to, control and manipulate a predictable person. Think about your old ass grand parents. You ever hear them say some retarded sexist, racist or generally moronic stone age shit that makes you wonder how people in the past could have been so ignorant? We all have. Back in the day when information wasn’t as freely accessible that’s how effective the old ways were.

But say goodbye to olden times and welcome to EMPT, home of the Space Age. Open to everything and bound by nothing, we represent the futuristic being. Rebels of routine, patterns and blind tradition…

Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless — like water. Now you put water in a cup, it becomes the cup; You put water into a bottle it becomes the bottle; You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.” – Bruce Lee

An open mind gives us the full capacity to love, appreciate and understand the fact that we are truly limitless. As we move into spring let’s use that to remember that the world is always in movement, change is the only thing that is constant. Thus, there’s no point to lock off your mind, move with the world forever.

I’m so proud that EMPT is the home of Le Miel du Mois and every time I hear Stephs work I get all worked up like this because her music is 100% aligned with everything that inspired my to start this site. I mean listen any LMDM and pretend like you know what’s next. This is no Pandora or Netflix bs algorithm. We have no preference for anything but the best, nothing here is a cheap random song you might like because you liked the last one. This 100% human expression with the single purpose of sharing our lives, taste and journey in the most honest way we can. This isn’t conformity, we answer to no one when brining you what we love. This is the Space Age. Press play, enjoy.


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  1. Jake Bugg- Lightning Bolt
  2. Crazy P – Heartbreaker
  3. Ginger And The Ghost – One Type of Dark (Ta-ku Remix)
  4. Lovelife – Your New Beloved
  5. Wolf Alice – White Leather
  6. Tiger Waves – Fields
  7. Lafayette – Mauvaise Mine (Jupiter Remix)
  8. Sergio Rizzolo – The Balearic Generation
  9. Sam Smith – Lay Me Down (Jean Raw Mix)
  10. Kindness – Swinging Party
  11. Jai Paul – Jasmine
  12. Art Of Shades – All Away (Feat. Soukaïna)
  13. Youth Lagoon – Daisyphobia



Music Remixes

Ginger & The Ghost – One Type Of Dark (Ta Ku Remix)

Well, I’m in the spirit of summer right now regardless as to whether or not the temperature decides to remain neutral for the rest of the week. With the discovery of this song, my mind immediately goes to a warm place where there’s outdoor music and brews on hand. I’d love to know what kind of imagination and thought process went into the creation of this remix, because the biography for Ginger & The Ghost appears genuine and thought out. That is, their attention to their audience is inherent in the fact that imagination and spontaneity are taken into consideration during the song writing process. And we hope that this is the case all of the time, but it’s nice to hear artist(s) bring that to our attention.With that in mind, Ta Ku seemed to approach the earthy song with precision and sex appeal. I mean come on. You can’t doubt that this is the type of song you want to make space age babies to.

The strings are outlined with a heavy beat. If I were to draw the feeling out on paper, it would translate to the vocal samples spelled out in letters, drawn in black ink, with a neon blue highlighter colored over them. That’s how it feels in my head, with a strong underlying line of orchestral sound and rhythm that is constantly being counteracted by something beautifully fresh. The original song is a sonic and mysteriously delicate work. The voice itself is so strange and fragile, but beautiful, and makes for a great vocal sample in this remix. The strings you’ll hear in the beginning are taken from just one less noticeable part of the original, marking an excellent attention to detail from Ta Ku.

Is there just one type of dark?”

A question on darkness that lingers in the shadows of my mind, I’m left haunted and entranced after this song completes. It’s similar to the Jamie Woon remix that Hayden talked about a couple of weeks ago, where the combination of vocals and music end and leave us in a room with sound that was once bouncing off the walls. You already know you’re going to have this song on repeat, much like I have over the past couple of hours. And the best part is probably the body’s natural reaction, particularly if you’re alone. You may end up dancing the type of dance that makes you wish people could see you do all the time. It’s that body movement that you know only happens when you’re alone because it’s so uninhibited. It’s amazing but unfortunately, it only happens because you are alone. It probably won’t happen when you’re out with your homies this weekend. It’s okay, those moments are for you and they need to happen. So let this song be that moment.

Ginger & The Ghost – One Type Of Ghost (Ta Ku Remix)