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Silversun Pickups – Lazy Eye (Jason Bentley Remix)

I’ve often found my strongest relationships and friendships have been based on everything a solid relationship/friendship should be based on, but a shared interest in good quality music is one of the biggest foundations. If a lover, significant other, or friend shows me music they think I will enjoy and I end up loving it, I’m their’s forever. I think it takes a strong understanding of a person to show them new music. You don’t just say “Hey, listen to this” without knowing the person. And showing music to another and they end up not liking it as much as you thought you they would or as much as you do is the worst feeling. Personally, I can’t watch movies with anyone else unless I 100% know they will like the film. I’m the same way with music. I want to show someone music I strongly believe they will enjoy. It shows I get them on a certain level.

A couple – well more like four years ago – I had a relationship with someone who opened me up to a whole new realm of music. Every time we got together we’d exchange mix-CD’s and drive around listening to them. Sometimes when a part was about to come up, they would say, “This part is the reason I put this song on your CD.” Often they were dead on. I remember one time we were driving and my friend put on “Brother” by The Annuals (a band I didn’t know of a the time) claiming the end of the song will sell it for me. Well, when the music crescendoed and exploded into this guitar/singing/belting/screaming sonic mess I fell in love with the band.

Another band I wasn’t familiar with at the time was Silversun Pickups. My friend put this remix on one of my CDs and it became an addiction. I can’t tell you how much I played this song. I came across it the other day and fell into that odd nostalgia music brings us to and got to thinking of how well my friend knew me before I knew me. I love this remix. Jason Bentley has infused the just right amount of “coolness” to make this otherwise cliche alt-indie song work for me. The guitar melody is light enough to move to and the dim wump-wump’s of the bass and wobbling synth production in the background turn the song into one you can sway back and forth to. It’s not a dance-y track by any means. It is simply a song to move to. Over the past week I’ve found myself walking to the beat even oddly getting into the zone at the gym to it. If it comes on at a party, I see people lighten up; their bodies straighten up with the guitar. I think what makes this song so hauntingly good is Brian Aubert’s incredibly androgynous voice. For the longest time I thought the lead on this track was a female, and when I watched the video I got confused because a man was performing the verses. I later realized how powerful Aubert’s voice is. He has the ability to seamlessly go from this high-pitched range to an all out scream. And even when he’s screaming it’s not even screaming; he has pitch and is moving through a melody in a way that’s not annoying and uncomfortable to the ears. It’s light and heavy at the same time. Bentley accents this by remixing the track with this almost atmospheric quality. It’s got me simultaneously lifted and grounded at the same time. It is simply good music making, that’s it!

Did my friend and I ever become great friends? No. Time and distance weren’t on our sides, but that’s okay. People come and they go. What I learned here was how to open up to new music and not stay comfortable in one or two genre’s. I learned to see beyond the top 40. To be quite honest, they’re they reason I’m here today writing for you. I don’t know the majority of you but I have this weird sense that I know you a little bit and that’s why I’m comfortable sharing these tunes with y’all. Enjoy this track. It’s a refresher for the ears.

Lost and loaded
Still the same ‘ol decent lazy eye
Straight through your gaze
That’s why i said i relate
I said we relate
It’s so fun to relate.”

Silversun Pickups – Lazy Eye (Jason Bentley Remix)