Stylo G – Move Back (Grant Nelson Remix)

London, man. Some of the house coming out of there makes me want to pack up my drum machines, leave it all behind and hit the streets. Anyone who remembers the Noctambule parties will also remember our affinity for dirty dance music. It’s not that I don’t like Top 40 when I’m partying, I just like the way darker records can make the environment mysterious, dangerous, sexual and exciting. That feeling you get when you hear something new, that challenges you and is extremely dope at the same time. I know not everybody is on the constant hunt for something new but you don’t really get that feeling when “Happy” comes on, you know. 

This remix by house legend Grant Nelson is exactly what I’m talking about. Those 909 drums and that classic Jackin House bass line makes you move, there’s nothing else to it. For those of you not familiar with Grant Nelson, his productions during the early-mid 90’s literally created Garage. He’s one of the most influential figures in the UK house scene period. It’s no secret that all those new guys you love (i.e. Disclosure, Gorgon City and the likes), take huge influence from this dance music OG. Those Monday blues can’t handle bangers like this.

Stylo G – Move Back (Grant Nelson Remix)


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Gorgon City – Ready For Your Love Feat. MNEK (Florian Paetzold Remix)


It is not a typical situation and declaring the moment takes as much guts as the act of letting someone in when we’re most vulnerable. No one’s ready to jump on love. At least not me.

I first heard Gorgon City’s original when it came out upon seeing MNEK on the track’s title. I dug it, mostly for its melodies, by owning the starring role in the song they put the  lyrics on a background. These lyrics.

It wasn’t until I pressed play on an early listen of Florian Paetzold’s remix that my jaw dropped just as the 1 minute mark passed. I stopped typing on my keyboard while a mental—and spacious—WTF moment passed by. Naked, reverberated and heavily-pitched-down vocals single-handedly lead this movie. As the lyrics are sung you can feel the meaning of every word. Finger snaps like a metronome and a sonic wind gust prepares you for the drop. Then it’s chopped vocals and harmonies that lead to the bridge. If you think that was all wait for it around the 2:40 mark.

Summarizing what is unique about this remix is quite simple. You see, the norm is that computers, technology and synthesizers squeeze the emotion out of a song. By pitching down the vocals and the other magic stated above, Florian manages to make a song more passionate and moving. And when a remixer is able to accomplish something like this it deserves praise, recognition—and in the words of MNEK, most of all, most of all, sharing it with someone like you.

Gorgon City feat. MNEK – Ready For Your Love (Florian Paetzold Remix)