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Gossip – Perfect World (RAC Mix)

Gossip has the indie rock/punk vibe down to a “T”.  Sometimes I listen to bands like this and it gets to be a little bit too much for me because you can tell they are trying way too hard, but Gossip has been in the mix since 1999 so they made the punch right before […]

Gossip – Perfect World

  I haven’t been this excited about an album in a while. I’ve hungered for new material from Gossip, and while their older albums have proven successful in maintaining my appetite, I don’t know how much longer I can wait. Their forthcoming album is set to release on May 22nd, and Perfect World is the […]

The Twelfth Hour

Will someone please explain to me the phenomenon that is time while at work? Doesn’t it feel like right before you get to work time is flying and you can’t move fast enough but the second you sit down it’s like you go into some alternate world and it takes an hour for 5 minutes […]