Moon Boots – Got Somebody

There are plenty of fish in the sea, or so the condolence goes.  But what happens when a truly unbelievably stunning someone becomes your own? That’s the central theme of Moon Boots’ sultry nu-disco groove Got Somebody.  Who is this somebody? The song’s sole lyrical sample doesn’t elaborate much, but the steamy tropical instrumentation implies the female has certainly got it goin’ on.

Got somebody/She’s a beauty
 Very special/Really and truly.

This confessional couplet is brought to us courtesy of Wayne Wonder’s 2002 Reggae & B jam No Letting GoMoon Boots reworks the newsy rhyme, giving it a sexy allure by padding it with spanking snares and gyrating synths.  Wayne Wonder’s original and Moon Boots’ fresh take are worlds apart in vocal delivery, due to the instrumental context.  Whereas the vocals in No Letting Go come from somewhere between the head and the heart, Moon Boots makes the words emerge from the spot between the heart and the groin.  Same vocal sample, different feel.  Here’s a toast to synergetic remixing.

On Got Somebody, we are painted a clear picture of the titular female. You can thank  Moon Boots’ emotion-focused sampling, with the soulfully sporadic “mmm”s and “ohhhs” rhythmically interspersed with the bouncing beats.  The vocal samples repeat throughout the song, as if our singer is either gloating over a gorgeous catch or simply can’t control himself.  Either way, the singer’s admiration of our female character is relatable.

If fusing nu-disco and R&B soul like this becomes a new subgenre standard, count me in for the long run.

Moon Boots – Got Somebody