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.WAVs Boat Party – August 2013


A Friday night in New York City presents itself with endless opportunities from week to week when it’s not summer, so you can imagine my excitement when I was told about this party happening on Friday, that will bring together all of the best things of summer and music. An outdoor range of music performances from multiple talented and party-worthy DJs, spanning the hours of 9pm to whenever the party decides to end sometime in the morning. Performances start at 9pm and then things start getting a little more wild, a little less tame, and a little more sexy at midnight when the ship (yes, there’s a cruise) departs. So of course I’ll be there. And if you like dancing and meeting strangers in strange situations, this might be the perfect way to finish out the end of the summer.

The event takes place on Friday, August 23rd. In writing that, I’ve only just realized that it is almost the end of August which is baffling. Where the hell did this summer go…? Here’s what I have to say about that: if there’s anything you should have done, haven’t done, want to do, do it. Because I look at the summer time the same way I look at a new year — as a time for opportunities, a time to expand on your pre-existing ambitions. Broaden those horizons and take some risks! It’s almost over and if you walk away without having done anything for yourself that is noteworthy, well, the fading tan come Fall won’t be your only disappointment. So go out there and find the one you love and tell ’em. Apply for that new job. Move to that new apartment that you thought you couldn’t get your hands on. If you want it hard enough, you’ll get it. I have only one goal, and that is to buy a decent enough mixer, go to parties, and make people dance.

That said, here’s a fantastic classic that will also make an appearance at .WAVs. I’m in a nostalgic mood and this song reminds me of the days where I learned how to scratch. Enjoy!

Afrika Bambaataa – Planet Rock

Music Remixes

Calvin Harris feat. Florence Welch – Sweet Nothing (Diplo & Grandtheft Remix)

So I’ll put my faith in something unknown
I’m living on such sweet nothing
But I’m tired of hope with nothing to hold
I’m living on such sweet nothing.”

Sometimes a musical pairing comes along that makes you go, “what?” When I first heard the rumor that Florence Welch was teaming up with Calvin Harris on his new album I was skeptical. I first wondered why Florence was dipping her foot into the EDM scene, then I wondered if she’s selling out. Sure, the dance remixes of her tracks (especially Calvin Harris’ re-do of “Spectrum”) are fire. Her beyond powerful vocals soar over synths and drops like it ain’t no thang, but this would be her first – for lack of a better word – intentional venture into a whole new sonic world. So when the official single dropped in late summer I was prepared for the worst. I don’t know why I even doubted Welch’s artistic and musical choices. The single was an dance-fused emotional explosion. Harris’ now trademarked bloop-bloops take the backseat while Welch wails her love woes. The track left me speechless and ready to blast it again.

Rumors again started circling the internet and between a couple of my friends that Diplo was going to release his take on the track. Other EDM DJ’s have already tackled the song, but I had a feeling that Diplo was going to trick this one out with something thats equal parts chill and filthy. Teaming up with Montreal’s go-to party-rock DJ, Grandtheft – who brings out his suave groove, the remix that officially dropped this week is dripping in Diplo.

Thankfully, the remix shifts the focus to Welch’s vocal performance. Harris’ sounds are chopped, slowed down, and twerked up beneath her. The verses are minimal and loaded with a bass line that’ll pound through your bones. Your ears will thank you when the beat builds and drops into a sexed up production with descending kick-drums, deep bass, and a synth melody that amps up Welch’s desperation.

I’m all about this track despite it being a Sunday – a day where I prefer relaxing music over hype, but this track is doing a balancing act that’s working today. If anything, it’s refreshed my ears to the incredible versatility of sound and music artistry. Worlds collide here that seem unexpected. Often, though, it’s the things that are unexpected and the things that make you slightly uncomfortable that are the most rewarding and exciting.

Here’s to Sunday. Here’s to a solid week ahead.

Calvin Harris feat. Florence Welch – Sweet Nothing (Diplo & Grandtheft Remix)


The Wong Boys – Git Ur Fuk On (DJ Illo Remix)

There’s not much to say about this track except that it’s a head banging, bass thumping, girl hypnotizing, club rocking certified banger. It’s 11AM and I feel like hitting the town after listening to this. High quality party music.

The Wong Boys are the first release on (Grandtheft from Team Canada DJs) new label Tremendous Records. This releases will be digital only and out in the US on the 10th of March 2009. Here is a remix from DJ Illo, one of the remixes coming out on that release.”

The Wong Boys – Git Ur Fuk On (DJ Illo Remix Tremendous Records)