EMPT Presents Indaba Music Weekly: Hannah Read – Wrapped In Lace

In today’s hunt for great music, it’s all too easy to get swept up in the energy of prevailing trends. And while that environment has indeed bred some of our favorite current records, it’s refreshing when a gifted young artist comes along that transcends the noise, and does so on the merits of her songcraft, restraint, and musicianship. Hannah Read’s Wrapped In Lace EP is a shock to the system. The collection maintains a clear creative voice while exploring dynamic hills and valleys along the way. Prepare to be surprised and emotionally demolished.

Hannah Read – Wrapped In Lace

While currently entertaining audiences in New York (by way of the Berklee College of Music), she inherits much of the color in her lovely voice from her native Edinburgh, Scotland. Perhaps as an homage to her native UK – where she’s currently on tour – she does a remarkable cover of the traditional “Quiet Joys of Brotherhood,” popularly recorded by Fairport Convention.

Hannah Read – Quiet Joys of Brotherhood


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