Jay-Z: I’m Off That

I was asked if I like the new Jay-Z album, here are my thoughts.

I’ll tell you half the story the rest you fill it in…”

Jay-Z – If I Should Die (4th Verse, 1998)

If I Should die…
I’d tell Big they’re still hearin’ his songs
Run to Pac ask him where we went wrong
Tell him life is miserable when ya dealin’ in the physical form
Is everything that’s invisible gone? I need to know…
Will I still feel pain or will it be ironic?
Will I chill in the flames for all the ills of my brain?
Can I reveal the game to all the hustlers
Trapped in the race and if so can I leave this place?
Can I puff cigars & drink Cristal?
If this is heaven to me is this considered heavenly?
Can I still touch lives answer they “whats & whys”
Make sure everybody in my fam’ clutch five?
If I should die,
Don’t cry…

Jay-Z – Off That (3rd Verse, 2009)

I dont give a fidduck, abbibout the riddate
you used to move, what you used to do
And i dont give a fidduck abbibout the bitches
that you used to screw but your future do
And we dont really care what you used to say
unless that effects your future pay
Im on a pratice field running two-a-days
so i dont drop the ball when its threw my way
I dont give a fidduck, abbibout the shit that
you probably did who you probably is
The only time i deal in past tense
is im past rims and im past tints
If you driving it, i drove it,
if you got it, cause i sold it
you copped it, i bought it back
we dont give a ffidduck ni$%a we off that.”

Politics As Usual

Jay-Z  – Politics As Usual



Jay-Z – D’Evils