Harry Nathan – Fool For Your Love

I’m totally infatuated with the album artwork for “Fool For Your Love”. It taps into deep layers of nostalgia while echoing the sentiment that love isn’t just a human emotion based in the body – it’s a cosmic force that’s impossible to contain and will continue to infinitely grow as the universe expands with no end in sight. I have to say that Harry Nathan matches this sense of grandeur on his new single through a roundabout way as it’s an understated, keys and horns driven piece of ballad pop that is pure, synthesized beauty that would be the perfect soundtrack to slowly floating through space and exploring everything our solar system’s stunning neighborhood has to offer. From top to bottom, it’s an utter beauty that warrants repeated listens.

I make a concerted effort to look up to the sky and ground myself in a grand sense of place, standing on a rock hurdling through the universe while stars millions of lightyears away offer stories from the past, the moon hovers like a comforting watchful eye, and the darkness feels like a comforting blanket that wraps over the Earth to quietly ease us all to sleep. There’s something to be said for the successes of past civilizations, times when humans had a deep relationship with the cosmos and thus had deeper understanding of themselves. Cities and urban sprawl and technology are all mind-blowing products of human innovation, but I worry that we’re accelerating away from the truth embedded within us. I suppose only time will tell, but until then, I’ll be continuing to maintain a practice that can withstand whatever is to come.

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