Classixx – Holding On

Modern definition of an anthem: at zero point during the song do you have any urge to think about, let alone look at your phone. Classixx’s yet-to-be-released-but-imminent instant classic “Holding On” possesses this quality to the max. It sends shivers up and down my spine while sending a sharp burst of energy through my heart. It has that Bag Raiders “Shooting Stars” quality–it makes your brain tingle and your body convulse–it’s just over the top euphoria.

When I first heard this song over a year ago during an Oliver DJ Set, many emotions seized me–one of which being that ever frustrating what the fuck is this song and where can I find it. Since then, I’ve lived vicariously through ripped versions of this “mystery song,” clinging to the hope that one day Classixx will actually release the song.

“I’ve been holding on…been high I can’t take it anymore…”

The song aptly has 11 words in it, because I give it an 11, an 11, a fucking 11. Hypnotic bass line, heavenly synth, sexy filtered French swag, some whisle echoing affect…it’s got just about every aspect you could wish for in a modern dance/house/disco anthem. And there’s not a soul in a club or car who will hear this song without entering the zone.

I hit up LA’s newest hot spot for Friday night discopolis, LURE, to check out the LA-based duo, along with RAC, Cosmic Kids, and Jerome LOL. What I saw kind of amazed me: a sold-out, beyond capacity show featuring nothing but Nu Disco-ey DJ sets. All four sets were lights out–but when Classixx played this song blased, a light came on within every person in the joint. To reiterate: when this song gets dropped in a set, panties literally drop, fists shamelessly get pumped, and good vibes are unanimously felt by all.

Like all of Classixx‘s originals and remixes, “Holding On” touches a nerve and refuses let go of that nerve. If there was any doubt about whether this uplifting, disco-based house sound has crossed the mainstream, it’s been erased. And if there’s a track to take it into the next stratosphere, “Holding On” is that track.

And fortunately, the kind bevy of producers teamed up with Red Bull for this “Endless Summer Tour” and left a mostly ignored gift scattered on some tables in the club. I scooped up the intriguing CD, which was a free compilation CD featuring the performing artists. Staring me in the face was–at long last–a high quality version of “Holding On.” While you can’t purchase a 320 (yet), the wait is almost over.

When I type Classixx into my iTunes, I know I can move away from my computer for a couple hours and life will be good. Fortunately, this experience will soon be expanded with the release of their debut album–which you will want to purchase. Until then, hold on. Tightly.

Classixx – Holding On