I’m sure most of you have noticed the scarcity of post from me as of late and for that I have no excuses. However, I haven’t exactly been laying dormant. Last week I was in Hollywood getting a feel for the LA scene and contemplating one of the biggest decisions I’ve had to make in recent years. As many of you know, I usually share these type of things as they happen but this required a little self-reflection. Do I keep doing what I’ve always done, play the game hans solo and continue to grow the space age on my own or do I link up with a bigger movement, make a few sacrifices and put this thing on steroids. I’ve been very fortunate to do things 100% my way but I’m also obsessed with championship teams, beautiful execution and speed. Long story short after being shown a great time, seeing the potential of the people around me and getting a taste of life in the sunshine it’s all signed, sealed and delivered –  EMPT is moving to LA!

Needless to say there are some of my friends, family, client and others who can’t comprehend the decision but…

Everybody look at you strange they say you changed, like you work that hard to stay the same!” – Jay-Z (Hot 97 Grammy Family Freestyle)

That said, I’m heading west by 1.1.12 and hitting the ground running so expect nothing but movement in the year to come. I assure everyone this is a well thought out move and it wouldn’t be happening if the people around me weren’t excellent at what they do which they are, just playing the cards I’m dealt baby…

Housse De Racket – Roman (Oliver Remix)