Imagine Dragons – It’s Time (Penguin Prison Remix)

This track is such a great easy listen, what I mean by that it’s up tempo, but chilled out and has some great lyrics that anyone could relate too.  I like a track like this where I don’t have to think it at all and I can digest every piece of it so well.  Also kind of some cool info that I found out, Imagine Dragons happen to be from Vegas, I don’t think I know any cool bands that have come out of there.  When you think of Vegas you think flashy entertainment, gambling, strip clubs and lots of drugs, so now I have a better taste in my mouth about Vegas knowing that such a dope band came out of there, I love being surprised.  These lyrics are great because I believe they are about something that you love and your not willing to let go of or change, and this doesn’t have to be a person, but just somewhere that you feel made you who you are, were you feel comfortable, and fame or people or the world changing every second is going to change who you are or your love for what makes you the person you are.  These guys definitely have a love for where they came from, I totally feel that because I grew up in Seattle and it definitely made me who I am, and I am always showing love to my roots!

So this is what you meant
When you said that you were spent?
And now its time to build from the bottom of the pit right to the top
Don’t hold back
Packing my bags and giving the Academy a rain check

I don’t ever wanna let you down
I don’t ever wanna leave this town
‘Cause after all this city never sleeps at night
It’s time to begin, isn’t it?
I get a little bit bigger but then I’ll admit
I’m just the same as I was
Now don’t you understand?
I’m never changing who I am…”

I wanted to give you folks something easy and fun to listen to, a feel good if you know what I mean, and slap on a Penguin Prison Remix, I mean this is where its at, I can never turn down a Penguin Prison Remix, they know how to put the perfect twist and a whole lot of love in to every track they tackle.  Have a great weekend, enjoy!

Imagine Dragon – It’s Time (Penguin Prison Remix)