Passion Pit – It’s Not My Fault, I’m Happy

Sorry I couldn’t be there, I was tied to a rocking chair 
I was beat down to a pulp rocking back and forth somewhere 
If you knew, if you saw, you’d have said it was the final straw
That my life was bound and tethered on a porch by the shore 

But there is no easy way to tell them so, the things you know 
And run they say, they think they know exactly so 

It’s not right, it’s not right 
How am I the only one who sees us fight? 
What are we? Who are they?
Who says those bastards don’t deserve to pay?
Well it’s enough, it’s just enough ’cause we don’t stand a chance 
So long you stay around, you’re just another song and dance
It’s not fair, it’s not fair, it’s not fair, it’s not fair
Still I’m the only one who seems to care.”

 Ahh, what a good Monday song!  Passion Pit knows how to reel in a good mellow track with a bit of a jog if you get my drift, another words you can get yourself into a comfortable mood and sometimes that is just what I need to start out my week.  There is so much power and emotion in this track, it’s almost a little bit sad but liberating to take a stand for what you are feeling and knowing that you are not blind to the situations that are going on around you, the situations in where there are two people and one person doesn’t want to see what’s really going on because like me, some of us just want to focus on the positive when sometimes we need to focus on the negative so that we can get through it, understand it and then we can move on to the more positive stuff.  We always want to blame someone else instead of ourselves but one thing I have learned in life is that most of the things that happen to us is our fault because we chose to put ourself in that situation…  Food for though!

I remember the first time I really noticed Passion Pit I was waiting for a show to start at the Upright Citizens Brigade and immediately was drawn to this band.  I love smooth concentrated emotion of the drums, mixed with the synth and how all their use of sound just flows together to produce this carefree emotion that can exist in even the most difficult situations.

Hope everyone is feeling as nice and mellow on this Monday as I am, press play and enjoy!

Passion Pit – It’s Not My Fault, I’m Happy