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Miike Snow – Paddling Out (Jacques Lu Cont Remix)

Plug in your headphones for this one folks ’cause the drop in this track is heavy and it’s deep. Swedish trio, Miike Snow continue to deliver fire tracks, but add in dance-pop maestro Jacques Lu Cont and you have a track that threatens to blow your speakers (really though, if you’re going to do that why not do it to this one)?

There’s someone here who laughs too hard at everything
You say isn’t it hard?
Paddling out, paddling out
Say you, isn’t it hard?
Paddling out, paddling out…”

Coming off the trio’s March 2012 release, Happy To You, “Paddling Out” is upbeat synth bliss. I picture two people working a banal job staring at a co-worker who’s constant pep is more irritating than anything. One is probably sitting on a desk, head above the cubical while the other mindlessly goes through their dismal to-do list all the while grunting as the co-worker du jour laughs loudly; perhaps walking by to flash a bright white smile, eyes beaming. The irritation, however, stems from envy. They wish they could be as energetic, but they can’t. The chorus doesn’t question the level of difficulty of being happy, but rather the boldness it takes to venture out into a territory where happiness may exist. It’s much easier to play the cynic than it is to play the joyful one.

Thankfully, Lu Cont opens the door for the cynics and provides chorus that sounds like zipping through a vortex into another realm. As the words “paddling out” repeat, they stretch into the sound-waves and drop down into a pulsating boom-boom-boom with spacey robot sounds screwing up and down the melody. It’s a trip worth diving into today. So send that group text message out now and get your friends over tonight because you have this track ready, and letting go sounds pre-t-t-y nice right about now after this deceivingly long week.

Venturing out and experiencing something new isn’t as hard as it seems. All it takes is a little push.

Here’s that push.

Miike Snow – Paddling Out (Jacques Lu Cont Remix)