Jad & The Ladyboy – Closer

If you’ve been lacking mojo, this track has got the goods to get your “sexy, sexy moves” back. Inspired by old school R&B and laid back grooves, Jad & the Ladyboy has got the “seductive vibes” thing down pat. Basically, if I was making a playlist for the annual “Player’s Ball”, their tracks would feature heavily on it.

It’s no surprise that Jad & The Ladybody operates down under and has also loaned his sultry touch as a member of EMPT favorites Mitzi. The lesser known side-project has a more downtempo, late night feel to it with equally lushness.

“Closer” is a subtle, serotonin booster with nothing too crazy going on with the production, just lots of feel chill funkiness–Breakbot and Shook styles–grooves jiving in and out coupled with some enticing vocals.

There’s never a bad time to have pimpin, velour, and feathery hats on your mind, and Jad Lee ensures that you can make this a sonic reality. The whole EP is out December 10th on Gazeebo, and its the right elixir to share with your sweet thang on a cold, winter night.

Jad & The Ladyboy – Closer


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