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Jay-Z – Can I Live II

I blacks out, I pulls the mack out Scream what’s that about? Then I clap out I get my plot on and my drop on, through the rotten Don’t even hate on those who hate me, I got Pac on Feeling it, feeling it, chickens are ice grilling it Cops pulling it over, Jigga react […]


No disrespect we just on different sides of the wave I’m providing the wave you just riding the wave, bounce” —fabolous About two weeks ago I decided to sign up for a free trial of the new HiFi streaming service that Jay Z is pushing today known as Tidal. The service does what Spotify has nearly […]

Rodriguez – Sugar Man (The Goldfish Remix)

Often we become so comfortable with our opinions and cognitive biases that our thoughts become escape and coping mechanisms for our weaknesses. Through these mechanisms we become addicted to defining things that happen in our lives and consequently create a world in which those definitions become horse blinders for our perception of life and it’s […]

La Roux – Let Me Down Gently (Playless Club Mix)

As we sit here letting the matrix manipulate us into giving up our freedoms for the illusion of security we foolishly tell our selves we’re celebrating our independence. Yet how many of us know what July 4th, 1776 was really about? I’m not going to sit here retelling the great American story or preaching to you about […]

Rainbow Arabia – Without You

Man I tell you, once you find yourself you realize there’s no going back things get weird… Odd times took your mind And I’m still here by your side…” The crazy thing about it, the thing that all your friends, loved ones and family will have a hard time dealing with is letting go of who […]