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Kavinsky – Testarossa Autodrive (sebastiAn remix)

After a week in NYC I have come to the conclusion that Life is trying to teach me some serious patience. The traffic in this city is ridiculous. It makes Mexico City’s streets seem like a formula 1 racetrack. Sitting in the back seat of a cab on my way to meet Hec, going so […]

Blossom Dearie – Just One of Those Things (Brazilian Girls Remix)

So late last night, Hec asked me to sort out a post for today. I believe “I’m Swayze. Off to bed. We need to post before 11:30am NYC time” were his exact words. As I was planning a post continuing my Mr. Scruff introduction to the wonder that is the Ninja Tune record label here […]

Jay-Z vs. Slightly Stupid – Roc Boys/Mrs. Officer

I get a lot of emails from people asking who writes all the material on this blog and for the last year or so, the answer has been me, HMJ. With the exception of my musical twin Steph Lund, who has carte blanche with her monthly mixtape and will become an official part of EMPT […]