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Erika Spring – Hidden (Jensen Sportag Remix)

I don’t know if it’s the aftermath of a typical weekend party that makes our bodies yearn for music like this. I like to think of these tunes as the bloody mary, the fruit smoothy, the Alka Seltzers or whatever recovery method you use to get your body back to it’s natural feel-good state.

Erika Forster is a vocalist and keyboardist for Brooklyn based synth-pop trio Au Revoir Simone while Jensen Sportag is a Nashville production duo that takes Erika’s first single from her EP and applies some disco melodies over her cooing voice. I have added the original as a bonus so you can appreciate the difference from one version to the other. On her solo project she goes by the name Erika Spring as it is somewhat a departure from her work with ARS. Her EP’s production is more dense and complex musically, her voice is constant in her style and timbre.

Jensen used the perfect words to describe their version:

“It’s disco made for rolling down the river.”

They also gave this interesting insight into their remix and laid out some food for thought about where we are right now in this world and how it affects us. Here’s the complete existential quote of sorts for your pleasure:

While working on our remix of Erika Spring’s Hidden we talked a lot about the difficulty and delay of connecting deeply with another person in this era of easyshare information. The resulting cultural marginalization makes a mirror effect that’s compounded by our ever increasing image-consciousness. What’s the best way to hide one particular thing? To surround it with a million similar things. Like murmurating starlings and synchronized fireflies, we’re hidden in our own sameness, finding it harder to really know what’s in one another’s heart.”

Too bad it’s only 4 minutes and 26 seconds long because it could soundtrack a complete afternoon like this. On that note, try putting it on repeat a couple of times. You’ll see -or hear- how it sounds slightly different in every play. I find that really special and not many songs can do that.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

It’s due out on July 10 as a 5 track EP on Cascine Records.

Erika Spring – Hidden (Jensen Sportag Remix)


Erika Spring – Hidden



Memory Tapes – Wait In The Dark (Jensen Sportag Remix)

There is something so inspiring about a one man band.  All you music maniacs know how hard it is to create music, the hours, blood and sweat that is put into it.  Dayve Hawk, whose alias is Memory Tapes does it all, every instrument, every sound and experimenting with different chords to produce an ultimate vibed out track.  Slap on a remix to this already vibrant track and you have magic.

Not only can we all agree on the sound but the lyrics are so resonant, poetic, with such a broad meaning. This isn’t just about love but about getting what you want when you want it and we are all very capable of this.  It’s manifesting and physically going for what your manifesting, we can’t always live in our heads.

But I want her to stay up for the whole night
And if we touch after I’m wake, you feel the mound, I never say
And I want her to stay up for the whole night,
This is it don’t make me wait,
This is it don’t make me wait,
This is it don’t make me wait, you’re saving up for tomorrow,
And I say it’s too late”

There is much to get organized here in NYC so I have to get going, but put this jam on and remember anything you want is possible all on your own, you are your own producer, dream big!


Memory Tapes – Wait In The Dark (Jensen Sportag Remix)