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Bronze Whale – Gold Grain ft. Jet Horns

Austin based duo Bronze Whale, consisting of Aaron Jaques and Benny Alley, are no strangers to the music scene. The guys have been continually paving their own way whether it was remixes, original content or artwork that they create themselves. More recently the guys discovered their abilities in singing and songwriting when Benny decided to hop on a track. Since then their sound has started to flourish, incorporating indie electronic music with soul elements and even some hip hop in the drums.

On their last track ‘Patterns,’ the boys received an upload from Mr. Suicide Sheeep, a premiere with Magnetic Magazine, a Hype Machine #1 and also got it licensed with Play Network, distributed in Korea and in Apple Music’s Today’s Chill.

Now the boys follow it up with their release ‘Gold Grain,’ featuring Jet Horns on part of the production along with Benny on the verses. The song bounces with wth minimal elements from their signature breakbeat drums to Benny’s unique voice and pulsing saw synths. With such a signature sound and lots of content ready, you can be sure this will be a good year for the Bronze Whale duo.”

Oh hey there! It’s been a while, but I am here for you today to deliver an exquisite Summer track.  Ok so it’s not exactly Summer, but you understand what I am saying.  The Summer vibes are everywhere right now.  Rooftop parties have started, ladies in sundresses, dudes rockin’ muscles tee’s and sporting their favorite kicks.  People are much happier when they aren’t freezing their asses off and I couldn’t have been happier myself to receive a track in my inbox that symbolized everything we all are feeling with the sun rays upon us, ( sorry Cali people you don’t count, you are spoiled with that sunshine everyday!)  If you want to get more of what you are hearing then check out the fan link!

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