Little Comets – Joanna (Champione Remix)

I always find myself taking note of remixes especially when they pertain to more indie pop rock songs. Sometimes they can be done really poorly, as is anything in the musical world, but particularly so because of how seemingly drastic the difference is between indie pop rock songs, and electronic bangers. On a basic and fundamental level, yes, they are both just continuous and repeating levels of lows and highs. But the goal is different: lyricism and word play vs. technique and musicality. The reason they are similar though, is because it is music that can connect with the body.  A pop song will most likely have your foot tapping (as is the case with a lot of other types of music, just hear me out), as a dance-banger will probably take that reaction and extend it to other parts of your body — not just your feet, but perhaps your knees bending, accompanied by a sway in the hips, a flail of the arms, and a goofy smile.
Perhaps this is why I find this track to be so perfect. A fantasmal blend of pop and bang, where the listener swoons over the vocals of Little Comets, but then also a more physical reaction to the beat. It’s a sublime combination, one that happens every so often with songs that we love in pop form, and then find ourselves feeling even more of a connection when the feeling can be translated not only from our musical brains, but to our musical bodies. I’ve felt it many times in the past couple of weeks to certain songs, but it’s probably got something to do with the amount of remixes I’ve listened to as of late.
I thought this was an appropriate Thursday track, even though it’s significantly different from my usual Thursday pick. I tend to pick songs that stick out and offer me that special something that I rarely find in other tracks — but this track is unique too. It’s unique, because of the reaction that it caters to, one that differs from listener to listener. And I’m happy to provide you the diversity you crave and need for the start of your weekend, so kick back and prepare to dance with a smile.
Little Comets – Joanna (Champione Remix)