Jonwayne – TED Talk

Been some pretty ironic wins in 2017, deserved wins, hmmmm, debatable.  We won’t get into it cuz I don’t feel like arguing, all people want to do is fucking argue these days, I am like yo bro chill out, smoke some weed or have a beverage or get a massage, but damn just chill.  I stay away from Facebook these days, I usually just take a glance at whatever is going on and then I wonder why I even glanced because it’s a world war on social media I tell you.  I made a silly sarcastic comment about yesterdays Super Bowl on a very good friends post, knowing they would get the joke.  Of course some angry human being see’s my comment and decides to throw some blows at me, not even knowing who I am, thankfully my friend put her in her place and let her know she needed to chill.  I am just very much over the negativity, I have been from day one, I personally don’t have the time for it. Is this what the world wants to spend their energy on?  Being angry and picking fights with everyone.  Ya’ll need to go take some comedy classes at the UCB Theatre so you can start “Yes And-ing” these world situations that seem to be getting a lot of folks very riled up!

I am always on a hip-hop kick, this track gave me a Biggie vibe, BIG thumbs up there.  The simple piano chords were a nice touch, a great Monday track that has a smooth vibe and hip-hop feel to give you a little bounce in your step to start out the week.  If you are interested in the rest of Jonwayne’s album you can find it here.  Press play, enjoy! xx

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