Julia Thompson – DNA (ft. Reo Cragun)

Julia Thompson absolutely stuns on a single that should function as a breakout if widespread listeners know what’s good to them. She has a crystalline voice that radiates chills throughout, each note invoking deeply held sentiments. The production is the perfect balance of raw guitars and punchy modern styles to make it totally fresh while Reo Cragun’s feature is a lights-out addition that shoots the song to the stratosphere. It’s all wrapped together by lyrics about deep, intertwined passion that make this not just a single to throw on with friends, but one to play on headphones while pondering life itself.

It’s not in a romantic sense, but today I had to let go of someone who’s been embedded into my DNA for years. They were of genuine service to me and saw me through the hardest of times, but our wavelengths just don’t vibrate on the same frequency anymore. We’ve gone two different paths no longer perpendicular, but that’s not a negative judgement. That’s okay, because we’re constantly evolving in life and sometimes that means versions of our old selves slip away with people slipping away as a result. I have nothing but gratitude for what they did for me but also look forward to the new adventures ahead.

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