EMPT Presents: Le Miel du Mois Decembre Best of 2013

I can’t lie, I’ve had this tape since mid December. I did have an extremely busy end of the year and going back to NYC for two weeks didn’t exactly help my productivity but that really has nothing to do with it. In fact this tape has been complete since Steph first sent it over. HP sent us one of their new Split X2 laptops, you know the one Clams Casino has been using for those beat making videos you’ve been seeing all over the net. Anyways, I didn’t want to take my army of technology with me on this trip so I put Ableton on the X2, got inspired, took it on my flight and did all the mix on it while on my way to New York. Gotta love the space age.

The truth is I have this weird thing with LMDM’s where I want to hold on to it for myself for as long as possible. I realize EMPT is this whole thing now and people have certain expectations that need to be met but I like to do what I feel and being the only one with LMDM for a little extra longer makes me feel good, sue me. Seriously though, I know it’s a problem, I promise to be better about it this year. Anyhow, Steph usually speaks through her selections but this time she graced us with some beautiful words and I won’t go on with my ramblings and distract much longer. We took a little extra time to mix and blend the tracks while keeping Stephs original track order in tack so I think you’ll guys like how this one flows. To make up for my hoarding and to step it up for 2014 I’ll be mixing all LMDM’s like this from no on, enjoy.

Putting this lmdm is always particularly special – for me, each year it’s a way to go through the endless lists of my favorite songs which in a way is to go through moment after moment after moment that made up my year – to sum up “a best of” – this took me exactly twenty minutes, at a quarter to midnight, BC I knew exactly what needed to be on this – so this is my version of a best of – each song is a piece of my year and perhaps of yours as well…each track is much more than that – it’s a distinct memory you repeat in your head bringing you back to that individual experience you associate it with. For me there’s a strong mix of emotion attached to each one and a definitive event, person, or both. Here’s to a full year-  of ups and downs, highs and lows, falls and beautiful mistakes but with each close of a year – comes a new opportunity – of renewal and most importantly, an open path – waiting to be taken…

Le Miel du Mois at work? That’s much better than work at work! Download
  1. Sam Smith – Nirvana (TIPs Promised Land Remix)
  2. Nicolas jaar – With Just One Glance
  3. Coma les dilettantes (Roosevelt remix)
  4. Blood Orange – Champagne Coast (Clockwork Opera Remix)
  5. Foals – Bad Habit (Alex Metric Remix)
  6. Wolf Alice – Blush (Duncan Murray Remix)
  7. Vadoinmessico – Teeo (Crystal Fighters Remix)
  8. Miguel – do you (ah yeah remix)
  9. Hermitude – hyperparadise (flume remix)
  10. Vitalic- fade away (C2C remix)
  11. Ginger and the ghost – one type of dark (ta-Ku remix)
  12. Lafayette – Mauvaise mine (Jupiter remix)
  13. Kleerup and Lykke Li – Til we bleed
  14. Ultraista – Small Talk (whomever remix)
  15. Flight Facilities – Claire de Lune (them jeans edit)
  16. The Do – Bohemian Dance (YUS remix)

Lafayette – Mauvaise Mine (Jupiter reMix)

la lune les etoiles

Now this is a tie loosener and I mean that in the, “it’s Friday, you just got out of work and you’re about to trip the light fantastic with friends, confidants, and a few fun strangers you’ve yet to make the acquaintance and the suit is staying but you’re getting ready to wild out a bit and this half-windsor feels really constricting all of a sudden,” sense of the term. Yes, you can tell that I’m looking forward to the weekend.

This one starts out pretty minimally – just a tinny drum beat and a simple keyboard motif – before it transforms into a sweet piece of candy coated nu-discofied funk. Here, the neon lights shine bright. An R&B guitar riff mingles with the synth line while another keyboard lays down a fat bass. But it’s nimble and tweaks the formula a bit as so much great French electronic does. Did I mention that Lafayette and their remixers Juptier are both Parisian acts? If a title like Mauvaise Mine wasn’t a dead giveaway, then the pervasive sense of luxury that this track positively exudes should’ve tipped any listener off.

It’s hard not to be positive at the moment. While it doesn’t really feel like Spring is upon us the season is, in fact, a thing that is currently happening. That means that despite the chill one might find themselves in (those of us living in New York included), sunny days and quality weather is imminent. No subtext and no dilemmas here. The only one should have in the coming weeks and months, outside of the Big Things and Important Issues, is what are the best ways to spend your time and who to spend it with. You’ve got your work cut out for you, I know.

Lafayette – Mauvaise Mine (Jupiter reMix)


EMPT Presents: Le Miel du Mois Mars 2013

Chances, people tell you not to take chances
When they tell you there aren’t any answers
And I was starting to agree
But I awoke suddenly in the path of a lightning bolt”

They want us to define ourselves, to pick a side, choose a lane, walk around proud of those beliefs, confident and unwavering – safe & comfortable. But whose beliefs are those anyway? Most of us are products of our upbringing, our beliefs are those of our environment – our parents, television, marketing, music and so on. Why? Well, it’s easy to sell to, control and manipulate a predictable person. Think about your old ass grand parents. You ever hear them say some retarded sexist, racist or generally moronic stone age shit that makes you wonder how people in the past could have been so ignorant? We all have. Back in the day when information wasn’t as freely accessible that’s how effective the old ways were.

But say goodbye to olden times and welcome to EMPT, home of the Space Age. Open to everything and bound by nothing, we represent the futuristic being. Rebels of routine, patterns and blind tradition…

Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless — like water. Now you put water in a cup, it becomes the cup; You put water into a bottle it becomes the bottle; You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.” – Bruce Lee

An open mind gives us the full capacity to love, appreciate and understand the fact that we are truly limitless. As we move into spring let’s use that to remember that the world is always in movement, change is the only thing that is constant. Thus, there’s no point to lock off your mind, move with the world forever.

I’m so proud that EMPT is the home of Le Miel du Mois and every time I hear Stephs work I get all worked up like this because her music is 100% aligned with everything that inspired my to start this site. I mean listen any LMDM and pretend like you know what’s next. This is no Pandora or Netflix bs algorithm. We have no preference for anything but the best, nothing here is a cheap random song you might like because you liked the last one. This 100% human expression with the single purpose of sharing our lives, taste and journey in the most honest way we can. This isn’t conformity, we answer to no one when brining you what we love. This is the Space Age. Press play, enjoy.


Le Miel du Mois at work? That’s much better than work at work! Download


  1. Jake Bugg- Lightning Bolt
  2. Crazy P – Heartbreaker
  3. Ginger And The Ghost – One Type of Dark (Ta-ku Remix)
  4. Lovelife – Your New Beloved
  5. Wolf Alice – White Leather
  6. Tiger Waves – Fields
  7. Lafayette – Mauvaise Mine (Jupiter Remix)
  8. Sergio Rizzolo – The Balearic Generation
  9. Sam Smith – Lay Me Down (Jean Raw Mix)
  10. Kindness – Swinging Party
  11. Jai Paul – Jasmine
  12. Art Of Shades – All Away (Feat. Soukaïna)
  13. Youth Lagoon – Daisyphobia



Music Remixes

BB Brunes – Stéréo (Jupiter Remix)

Warning: Ingesting this remix of BB Brunes’ Stéréo may cause extreme acts of jubilance and elation.  Only take French nu-disco producer Jupiter’s remix of Stéréo if you:

  • Can handle funky slap-bass lines that dig into your lower body
  • Accept brightly disco-influenced guitar riffs
  • Dig deep, groovily vocoded samples
  • Are in need of 3 minutes and 30 seconds of a pick-me-up
  • Have a severe headache
BB Brunes and Jupiter are both residents of France, home to an amalgam of talented electro-pop bands and producers alike.  While BB Brunes is recommended for pop-rock leaning patients, Jupiter is great for the nu-disco, electro-pop inclined patient. Side effects may include breaking out in dance, hair gain, increased heart rate, and an inclination to learn French.
Please listen responsibly.

BB Brunes – Stéréo (Jupiter Remix)


Jupiter – Saké

Kitsuné is something like the soundtrack to Parisian highlife. Their compilations are the most surefire way to hip yourself on the future of Parisian music. Their artists not only make the music played in the happening spots but they’re also the DJ’s that play it – talk about owning the scene. I remember someone once telling me that in every society theres only a small amount of people responsible for creating the taste that dominates the era and in the case of these Frenchies that couldn’t hold truer.

Their latest compilation, Parisien, was put together by label head Gildas Loaëc and André’ Saraiva, two guys who know a thing or two about new music. The mix is fantastic, all the music is fresh sounding, entertaining and destined for beach parties, rooftops, pool side lounging, pre-games and any other summer trouble you can think of.

All of the songs are worthy of repeats but my favorite is Jupiter’s Sak, an instant banger guaranteed to get you feeling good, moving and ready to go. The song is about taking a break to relax and drink Saké. That’s probably not hard to do for the EMPT crowd but you’d be surprised how easy it is for people to get caught up working and forget the world exists.

Mastering your craft is important so work hard but don’t forget the world out there. Those trees, that air, those beaches, your friends, you can’t recreate any of that shit on Facebook, on a text, The Sims or whatever digital vice you have. I don’t care if you crunch numbers, make music or write emails all day, take a break every now and then, go for a walk, look around and be humbled by the marvel that’s the world around us. There’s so much inspiration out there and it will translate to your work – that’s where it’s at, enjoy.

Take, take sometime out…

Jupiter – Sake

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The Twelves – Episode II

The Twelves have released 3 fantastic mixtapes and so far I’ve posted two and it’s been one of the most downloaded files on this site. The time has come to complete the series with yet another jewel, Episode II. Aside from Steph Lund’s Le Miel du Mois (recently crowned mixtape goddess on The Clink), I can’t say I’ve heard many mixtapes that can keep my attention for more then a song but this series has absolutely no problem accomplishing that task. I quoted my friend Ben when I posted their last mixtape and I’ll quote him again for this one,”“new 12s mixtape = predictable amazingness.” There really is nothing else to say. Here are a few bonus remixes as well, enjoy.

La Roux – In For The Kill (The Twelves Remix)

Black Kids – Hurricane Jane (The Twelves Remix)

Tracklisting: Download

1.  Zeigeist – Humanitarianism (The Twelves Remix)
2.  Radiohead – Reckoner (The Twelves Replay)
3.  Mirwais – Naive Song
4.  Of Montreal – Gronlandic Edit
5.  David E. Sugar – To Yourself
6.  The Virgins – Rich Girls (The Twelves Replay)
7.  Daft Punk – Voyager
8.  Jupiter – CHIP
9.  Fleet Foxes – White Winter Hymnal (The Twelves Replay)
10.  Metronomy – Heartbreaker
11.  The Twelves – Works for Me (The Twelves Replay)
12.  Lykke Li – Dance Dance Dance (The Twelves Replay)

The Twelves – Episode II by etmusiquepourtous

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