Music Remixes

Justrock feat. Cheevy – Airplane (Sohight Remix)

Is it wrong to like a song because it’s just so damn good? I’ve been listening to this song over and over and over again trying to find some deeper meaning, but the music keeps lifting me up and taking me away from this attempt. I listened to this track ten times last night, maybe eight the day before, and now I’ve had it playing through my morning coffee-brewin’ ritual. As I sit in my lofted living room, the sun is finally peeking its head above the East Village rooftops and coming into the space. This track feels oddly appropriate for this Thursday morning. It’s not heavy listening and its effect on the mind is mimicking the effect of the coffee I’m drinking. I’m awake with this song and if that’s the intent of the track, then that’s a-okay.

I feel grateful for my time spent on planes. Airplanes and air travel are one of the most exciting things in todays world. With all the security baggage aside, the very principal of flying is what makes it so enticing. You’re flying way above houses, streets, cities, and farms. You’re defying gravity and moving at speeds unimaginable. I only ever realize how fast I’m moving in a plane when we pass another plane during the flight. Cheevy and Justrock have taken that experience of flight and turned it into sound. The song starts on the runway and starts to build up speed as the drum boom-booms on and the synths crescendo into take off. Joy is the only word I can attribute to the feeling I get when I hear the drop here. This is the energizing part. Each drop is different here: some are just the melody and others have Cheevy’s soaring over the production. The drop dies down and we’re coasting for a bit. The middle of the song slows down into a brief dub-breakdown adding a little turbulence that’s completely necessary to allegory these two musicians have made. As we leave the wobble we’re being brought back up to speed and drive straight into the chorus again, this time coasting through the air.

At one point in the song Cheevy repeats the word “freedom” – it becomes almost like a battle-cry. He’s more yelling it than speaking it. It’s an appropriate nod to the heart of air travel and the paradigms flight was build on. For what it’s worth -and I may be going out on a limb here – this song is freedom personified. I think that’s why I keep listening to this track. It’s motivational without being cheesy and Oprah-y. Justrock and Cheevy have created an honest escape route for us to access with the click or tap of the play button. You can now take off anytime, anywhere without the hassal of checking our bags at the gate. The only thing to check is your attitude; leave it behind because this track will not take off with added baggage. You can collect all that in four and a half minutes at touch down…that is if you ever decide to land.

Happy Friday.

Justrock feat. Cheevy – Airplane (Sohight Remix)