The Geek x VRV – Kanagawa Waves 1831 with Fakear & Balkan Bump

The Geek x VRV have officially delivered the vibiest single of 2019. This one is pure atmospheric waves, slowly floating you through a sonic mist where sounds come from every direction and naturally dissipate into the next drip of aquatic direction. If they’re trying to take us back to the year 1831 through the lens of modern electronic production, then it’s totally working because this feels like an exercise in making time a flat circle, where the past and present intersect. It’s just as grounded in centuries-old tradition as it is in 2019, the line between the two blurring as The Geek x VRV’s combined forces with Fakear and Balkan Bump makes the world’s timeline fold in on itself.

This week I’ll be revisiting the past through a present lens by going home to see family. Rather than viewing it as a trip to farm nostalgia, I’m using the comfort of the past to offer a release from the troubles of the present. I can slip into the locales where I spent my childhood while keeping my spiritual practices in the forefront, using the past as a launching point for present progress. In the past I let myself slip too deep in nostalgia and became enveloped by old trains of thought, almost reverting to a teenage state of mind where my adult conceptions were temporarily wiped away. It was a reminder that all the work we’ve done must be consistently maintained – we didn’t magically get here and more work must always be done!

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