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Hip Hop: The most culturally marginalized genre of our time

In light of a certain current event in politics, it’s more known now than ever that in America, real racism moves in silence. When we think of the words “rap” or “hip hop,” does it evoke the same divine legacy as genres like rock n’ roll, jazz, or any of the other landmark genres of […]

Kanye West – Touch the Sky (Jean-Michel Remix)

It is Friday. I am not sure how you all run the day, but this song is sure to set the right tone for the day you should have. The funk revival happening in music lately is what seems to have been missing in recent music and is much appreciated. It is the spirit that […]

La Roux – Let Me Down Gently (Playless Club Mix)

As we sit here letting the matrix manipulate us into giving up our freedoms for the illusion of security we foolishly tell our selves we’re celebrating our independence. Yet how many of us know what July 4th, 1776 was really about? I’m not going to sit here retelling the great American story or preaching to you about […]


Space Age Rebels