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Rene Amesz – Spinnerei

Some would say 2012 was the year of deep, I would say we’re just getting started. As with all things in life movements and energies never just hit once, they tend to come back full circle, never quite the same but if you look closely you’ll always find the similarities or pattens. These days you’ll […]

Dragonette – Fire In Your New Shoes ft. Kaskade

Its the beginning of a new year and it feels really good already, this New Years weekend was really long, and lots of fun don’t get me wrong but I was ready to get going with 2012! What better way to start off 2012 but with the seductive and kick ass Dragonette, this song explains […]

Le Miel du Mois by Steph Lund: Novembre 2011

In my book there’s nothing better for a persons development then having to perform under pressure. The bigger the audience, the higher the stakes, the more to lose, the better. There’s something about those situations that requires you to simply man up and perform. It begs you to destroy your comfort zone, fail and constantly […]

Kaskade – Stars Align Tomorrow (Feat. Dimitri Vegas, Dada Life & Like Mike)

I’m at Mccaren airport recovering from a wild weekend of music in Vegas. I saw Kaskade at the zoo aka Marquee on Friday night and the place was jam packed, snow machines went off at 4 am, the energy was through the roof, it was fu$*ng epic. Its great to see so many heads in […]