Möwe – Call You Home (Kelvin Jones Bootleg)

Home (həʊm/noun) – a place where something flourishes.

This is a dedicated to the lovers. To the grinders. To those of you writhing to the beat of this tune as you shuffle through the tracks here. Whether it is the pounding base that starts the song off, giving your body the tempo to work off of or just your general mid-week slump you are pulling through.

What makes a song special? A song that you listen to and immediately you feel connected. Like a welcomed “Killing Me Softly” feeling that you actually crave as you feel what they feel. Their words are your words. Your empathy takes hold and you start to mutter the words under the vocals until about one minute in when you just get in to it. I had that moment as I was listening to this song in a coffee shop. Mind you the seats around are filled with suits and power skirts and large rain jackets draped over the back of the wooden set-ups. But sometimes you cannot help but let it out. Which is what Kelvin Jones did beautifully.

This remix of Kelvin Jone‘s original has given this song legs, and these legs are moving. After listening to his acoustic original, and then this remix, you will find a home in his words. Each verse drenched in emotion and sung as it were a plea to a lover. A shot in the dark. A search for his light.

Möwe produced this very delicious remix for us to enjoy. Cheers, lovers.

You got those eyes (that) stare into my soul
You get that smile when I’m giving you my all
You’re the brighter side of things
You’re the lighter side of life
And all the joy that you bring
Is why I need you in my life

(But) Can I call you home
You’ll be mine and I’ll be yours
I just wanna let you know
In my mind I call you home”

Möwe – Call You Home (Kelvin Jones Bootleg)