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Last Lynx – Killing Switch (Viken Arman Remix)

Here’s a song that existed happily as an original, and was brought to new life via this remix. I don’t by any means encourage biking and music listening, unless you’re completely and 100% comfortable with it. If, and only if, you are, this is a great biking song. It’s got the groove you need to keep your beautiful strong thighs moving forward, maybe even making you ride a little faster. I only recently became a fan of bike songs after much stubbornness and general disbelief, but if you can find it in your hearts not to hate me entirely and trust that I take extreme caution, then you’ll understand why this song works so beautifully with biking. It’s because the world as I see it when I’m on two wheels, is sped up even more than it is every day in New York City. But on two wheels, it’s fast in a way that is truly fleeting. You don’t have to worry about looking like a boob to anyone, because guess what? The next second, you’re gone.

There’s something awesome about that, because perhaps NYC is already one of those places where it’s okay to start dancing in the middle of the street, and no one will really say much to you. Maybe not all of the time, and maybe you will run into someone you know. I’m not really sure where I’m going with this.

Back to the song — I loved Last Lynx’s original song and I honestly was wary hearing another remix of it. But this is smooth and fleeting –just like the bikeride– in the nicest way possible. It’s enough to keep your heart and head moving, while simultaneously not feeling like you’ve totally betrayed the original.

Last Lynx – Killing Switch (Viken Arman Remix)


Last Lynx – Killing Switch

The concept of time and how quickly it runs or walks away from us depending on our situation is one that I’m constantly in awe of. The power it holds it over so many of us, the universal connection we take away from it, no matter what zone we’re in we’re thinking on the same scale as everyone else. Does this not constantly blow your mind? How about the fact that we’re punished when we disregard this measure of life? Maybe less punished, more frowned upon. Be aware of your time, manage it well are things that I constantly hear. Where is it going? Where am I going, if not aware of it?

I’ve listened to this song like 12 times in the past half hour (is that possible? with all of this talk of time?) and I still can’t wrap my mind around the entire premise of it. It has something to do with how the song dances through my ears in a really easy way. Like you could listen to the lyrics and be moved, or you could listen to the song without paying direct attention to the lyrics, and still be just as moved. The repeated play of this song is not only for its content, but its ease. Musically, it’s pleasant. The indie space-y rock aspect of it is certainly evident in the way it combats the electronic elements.

Strangers and my pocket watch,
Speeding off
Every time
Tick-tock in my wonderland
In my wonderland
Ripping off my ticking clock.”

We’re always worried about the wrong people taking up and wasting our time. We only want to spend our precious moments — because every moment is ever so precious — with those that matter. But who am I to say or know who matters until I waste precious moments with them? Lately, I’ve placed a particular amount of guilt-trip on myself, especially upon reflection of certain people in my past. I regret every moment that I spent with someone who caused me pain, but then I reflect on it, and it’s not regret. It’s defense. A barrier that I put up, so that when I talk to other people, I can make it sound like I’ve got my $h*t together. But none of us seem to have it together, even when we believe that we do. And the reality of my situation is that I never regret what I was wholeheartedly passionate about in that moment of the past, even if that passion no longer exists today. I’m sure some of you can relate to that. I think that’s what a little of this song gets at. The escape of time, how it can be stolen by someone else. And then when it’s returned to you, the ticking clock safely back in the hands of the owner, reality has changed.

I’m on the lookout for more from these Swedes, not just because they are Swedish (we all love Swedish musicians, let us be real), but because they’re playing with a sound that is playful and meaningful all at once. Funny as I look through their Soundcloud, I realize this is not the only song of theirs that deals with timely matters. If you check it out, you’ll know what I mean.

Enjoy lovelies, and happy holidays.

Last Lynx – Killing Switch