BROODS – Bridges (L D R U Remix)

I realized something yesterday, everything and consequently everyone around us is the equivalent of a living and breathing vision board for our life. It’s why you not only have to visualize what you want but also be well aware of the desires, motivations and capacities of those you keep close. The values upheld by those around you will directly translate into what manifest in your world. For example, a person who disregards your opinion or is willing to disrespect you will bring just that into your life and have no qualms about it. Not because they are a bad person but simply because they have a different outlook on things. As your life’s creator, the key is to see the true nature of people and things so you embrace the right and don’t empower the wrong.

A music producer has to tediously choose each and every sound that will make up a composition. For each song he/she is basically an extension of ultimate power because as he creates a world through a highly meticulous and intentional process. Why don’t we do this in real life and why are we so willing to settle on the details and course of our life?

Well for one, in the real world you can’t necessarily control everything and a certain amount of flexibility is required to ride the waves. You don’t choose your parents, where you come from, what’s going on in the world – you don’t get to tell the pitcher when to throw the curve ball. However, beyond those things you have all the power you need, at least if you live in the United States.

I’ve always thought that each person invented himself. For whatever reasons, through whatever circumstance, through whatever he has gone through, that we are each a figment of our own imagination and some people have a greater ability to imagine than others.” – David Geffen

The way you do anything is the way you do everything. The movies you watch, the people you love, the music you listen to, the way you dress, it’s all a manifestation of your creativity in action. The problems and conflicts arise when you underestimate that power. Yesterday I realized that a lot of the recent conflicts in my life come from a discrepancy in what I envision and what I’m permitting to be in my life by not understanding that power. Nothing around you is happening by chance, everything is your creation, whether you realize it or not. To create your vision you have to make sure that those around you share it, if they don’t they’ll despise you for your passion and cause you immense harm to protect their own interest.

We are creators capable of making each and every detail a reality. Look at the marvel that is your iPhone or whatever you have, there is not one step of that manufacturing process that isn’t known. There is an immense and highly focused level of intention required to make that happen. Contrary to the way most people look at it, that is all science, top to bottom. The idea was creative but the execution was all science, it is planned from start to finish.

When you harness the power to realize what you imagine it becomes crucial that your living vision board be as intentional as possible. Seeing what you want all the time and eliminating what you don’t becomes the ultimate obsession. Suddenly, the past is truly gone, that person you let hurt you so much doesn’t make sense, the food that made you out of shape taste bad, your priorities become clear and getting to your vision becomes your purpose. No longer do you wish to have safe harbor and comfort or negativity because it doesn’t align with that vision. Like Cortés upon arriving in Veracruz  you burn the ships because retreating back that existence is not an option…

And we’re burning all the bridges now
Watching them go up in flames
No way to build them up again

Now we’re burning all the bridges now
‘Cause it was sink or swim and I went down, down, down…”