White Sea – Ladykiller

The perfect song for your Saturday mood has landed itself into your hands. If you’re like me, you save it for yourself for a moment. You don’t share it instantly, allowing a chance for the sound to marinate into the walls and living room (if that’s where the music listening takes place). For me, Friday night “bangers” don’t necessarily have to be songs that physically demand your attention, so much as it resonates. For instance, Ladykiller leaves a lasting impression not so much because the lyrics strike me in a strange or familiar way, but because of the constant edge of your seat feeling you gather from the very beginning. To be introduced to a track with upbeat musical tempos, played out against a slow and sultry female vocal only leaves you wanting more and more. By the time the chorus comes around, you’re already out of your seat maybe thrashing your high ponytail from left to right as your hands and arms find their way to a sort of strange but familiar dance technique: out above and up front, waving as if to say “No, it’s too much!” while simultaneously encouraging you to march/stomp in place.

You get to the chorus the second time around, and there’s a beautiful addition that hadn’t existed previously: strings. Being the sucker that I am for all things classy and sassy, I fell deeper in love… And I couldn’t escape.

I am a ladykiller

Gonna find my strength tonight

Gonna find my trophy tonight.

To all you foxy ladykillers and mysterious maneaters out there, may the force be with you on this first weekend of July.

White Sea – Ladykiller


White Sea – Ladykiller (Gigamesh Remix)