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Disclosure – Latch feat. Sam Smith

“What did you give me, to make my heart beat out my chest.”

Finding oneself in certain situations and not caring what our actions might do to jeopardize that moment… To feel that connection with someone and latching to her/him seems like the most natural thing to do. It’s instinct-driven I believe. Now Sam Smith’s vocals on this beautiful musical gift Disclosure gave us almost 5 months ago is just ear-candy. I mean, if this ain’t shagging music, I don’t know what is.

In this single the english duo produce a musical bed to these lyrics that goes beyond a single genre and has the ability to find empathy in multiple musical tastes. The insight of the song is very strong and when you pair that to a groovy and intimate tune, well, you get something that just might appeal to a lot of people. It’s no wonder why brother Guy and Howard Lawrence’s first single climbed to the #11th position of UK Charts and stayed there for a good time. I’ve included the video because, after all, what’s a song like this without a proper video where every single person in it is getting off with each other?

If you have ever asked someone the quote that starts this post, just nod and hit play. Amen brother. Amen sister.

Disclosure – Latch feat. Sam Smith


Music Remixes

Disclosure feat. Sam Smith – Latch (Jamie Jones Remix)

Congratulations.  You joined an online dating site, found someone you had chemistry with, and kept things going for a long period of time.  So long, in fact, you deleted your dating site account (more like ‘disconnected for the time being’…always good to have it on the backburner right?).  But really.  This person, who was brought to you digitally, by the magic of 1’s and 0’s, is now an exclusive fixture in your life and it feels good.  Time to take it to the next level…

And here we are.  You’re searching for that next level shit.   Romantically, of course.  Today’s offering is a glitchy garage-pop song called Latch, by Disclosure, and contains the following hook:

I feel we’re close enough / I wanna lock in your love

        I think we’re close enough / Can I lock in your love, baby?

The sell for a long term commitment is totally apparent.  Soulful vocalist Sam Smith delivers these lyrics in a such a seductively modest fashion, it makes you want to put a ring on it. His crisp,  tenor pipes belt it out, reflecting the cool restraint of contemporaries like Sam Sparro and Jamie Lidell rather than the going all out and giving us that cheesy American Idol push.

In this remix, producer Jamie Jones extracts the commitment-eschewing meaty hook and the lyrics above, and loops them over a wide range of high pitched synths, warm bass lines and crisp syncopated high hats.  It’s a very straight forward deep house beat, but Jones‘ incessant use of the catchy couplet reinforces the talent of Sam Smith in achieving a world of pathos in two simple lines.

Bring this song home to meet your parents, because I can guarantee after the first listen, things are about to get really serious.

Disclosure feat. Sam Smith – Latch (Jamie Jones Remix)

(Plus, check out this steamy music video of the original track.  I can’t tell if these are real couples, or it’s just really, really well acted.)