Diplo feat. Lazerdisk Party Sex – Set It Off

Okay. I want y’all to prepare yourselves for this video. Put on the nicest pair of headphones you have, turn on full screen mode, adjust the quality to the highest you can go and hold tight. I want you to experience this. This video is straight fire! But would you expect anything less from Diplo? I’ve watched this maybe two times every day since my good friend shared it with me. I’ve never been taken so high by a video than I have with this.

The track itself is a banger. It’s hot off Diplo’s newest album, Express Yourself, and features the up-and-coming electronic duo, Lazerdisk Party Sex. Beginning with an sleek almost smoky-seductive intro, a girl’s voice slowly leaks its way into the track repeating “I wanna set it off.” As more synths are added, the girl’s voice grows and the beat builds into a drop that’ll get your shoulder’s rolling and hips twerking.

Director, Ryan Staake’s work with this video follows Diplo’s musical suit. Take pole dancers, edit the pole together into one long pole, put the pole in space and watch them defy gravity in slow motion. I don’t even know how that may register in some of your brains if you haven’t seen the video, but it’s a combination I’d be down to see over again and again. With the second drop, the immensity of the sex-ed up cosmos hits you and spins you up and through the galaxy and slows to allow us to marvel at how sculpted and – honestly – how talented these dancers are. Only recently has pole dancing earned my respect. It’s a sport that even the strongest of strong men couldn’t tackle. Staake’s and Diplo’s vision is one that makes art sexy. This is far from sleaze. It is, rather, a video that raises the sport out of the stripper connotation and showcases the out-of-this-world strength it requires. Is it seductive? Yes. Is it hypnotizing? Definitely. It’s a dazzling glittery spectacle for the eyes, and one that’ll be sure to set your weekend off right.