LCAW – Nobody Else But You

I’m an unabashed pop fan who will go to the ends of the Earth to find serotonin-stimulating singles and digest all of the content that surrounds them. Sometimes that shows itself in the form of tearing through John Seabrook’s The Song Machine, rapidly taking notes and earmarking every other page to better understand the overarching process behind the music I love. Other times it involves walking down the street to Amoeba and dropping a cool $60 on a cornucopia of pop material that includes (but is not limited to) a Madonna Advocate cover issue and Hard Candy boxset, Kylie Minogue’s quintessential Fever, every Max Martin assisted CD in sight, and a Britney Spears covered magazine in a language which I most definitely don’t speak.

Through all of that obsessive collecting and information processing pop music’s vast range, I can assure you that I know a good bop when I hear one. Such is the case for LCAW’s “Nobody Else But You”, a funk-and-disco channeling single that beams with rays of joy and has urged me to hit the repeat button on more than one occasion. There’s no point in the song that isn’t infectious as it perpetually operates between “catchy” on its verses and “absurdly catchy” on its chorus (which is owed not only to LCAW’s production, but those utterly intoxicating guest vocals). It’s the perfect summertime soundtrack that will be making more than one appearance on beach days and coastal drives over the coming months.

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Dillon – Thirteen Thirtyfive ( LCAW Remix )

Let’s just focus on LCAW for a moment. First of all, amazing name. LCAW which is an acronym for Low Cost Anti-Submarine Weapon. How metal. Not sure if that is what were going for, but awesome.

LCAW is a 19 year old producer from Munich and has been producing some amazing tracks these past 6 months. Being a sucker for hypnotically delicate female vocals, I am most smitten. Many of these tracks are free for download. All of them are sexy dance tunes to make your weekend sweet and filled with movement. I can’t decide which is better of the two below. The Dillon track is dark and beautiful with the best pick-up and lyrics which are as twisted as the song is beautiful. Daughter is a regular on this blog, and this song is given the boost of a speedier tempo with the help of dramatic strums and steady percussion. WHichever you prefer, you will likely want to listen to more from this producer.

Dillon – Thirteen ThirtyFive (LCAW Remix)

Bonus Track:

Daughter – Run (LCAW Remix)