Coeur De Pirate – Comme Des Enfants (Le Matos Andy Carmichael Remix)

This track is beautiful, intriguing, and full of experience.  Sometimes I have to listen to something a couple of times before I love it.  Sometimes I just skip to a new song if I am not caught in the first 20 seconds, but my attention was taken away by this gem upon the first 2 seconds.  I hadn’t heard of Coeur De Pirate (Pirate Heart), AKA Beatrice Martin, but I am glad I pretty fired up that I found her.  Her vocals are sweet and angelic, but somehow the sweet angelic sounds of her vocals mixed with the french language turn into something mature, but free, seductive, but innocent.  Make sense?  Who cares it’s too good to be overwhelmed by my equation of what makes this track great.

Le Matos Andy Carmichael took this fun indie pop track and gave it that electro feel that we crave here at EMPT and especially during the summer time.  Speeds it up in a rip off your sweater and expose that sexy dance creature kind of way.  I get a little carried away with my analogies of things sometimes but all this good music is making me musically drunk!

Inspiration comes from the things that you don’t always understand, this might be a language, a perspective, an emotion, a sign.  Inspiration doesn’t come from understanding everything.  “Comme Des Enfants”, (As Children I believe is the english translation), we aren’t scared that we don’t understand the world just yet, we never will, that’s what we have to remember as well grow up.

Hope everyone is enjoying the summer, press play and take it as you will, enjoy!

Coeur De Pirate – Comme Des Enfants (Le Matos Andy Carmichael Remix)